This is where I find myself now - drawing connections between different worlds. Whilst I am a graduate of a graphic design course - I feel myself engaging with other disciplines, such as fine art, performance, curation and even general pop-culture and its relation to the latter. And by traversing these areas, I feel I am more than capable to tackle any situation in the future.

At this point in time - I believe some of my strongest interests reflect research from my dissertation and self initiated project. Namely, an interest in non-normative cultures and identities and their relevance within visual mediums. Related to this, also, is an interest in the (failed) body within art - a subject heavily discussed in my dissertation. What happens when the subject of art / design is not the ideal, is not the classic figure of beauty/intellect/class? Finally - I think I still have more research to do with spaces, a concept that has appeared throughout all three of my major projects this year. Psychogeography, immersion/interaction and curation all relate to this area - how exactly does the human body position itself within a space, and what is the result? Of course, these are simply conceptual ideas that I still find myself trying to answer.

Writing is one way to express these ideas - outside of the traditional visual outlets I've been trained in. Writing gives me a chance to really explore the balance between art/design and language, something I find fascinating. Here, you will find a selection of different texts that outline some of my research interests.

Rhythm Nation
Self - The Ultimate Design Object
A Study Into Suburbia
Becoming the Blonde Bombshell

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