A mini-zine to make you feel good.

These publications use well-known 90's pop and dance lyrics to promote a more positive outlook on life, using the word/clipart visual phenomena of the time period as a medium. Inspired by Jeremy Deller's integral use of 'everyday' music as a way to engage the public with serious and philosophical debate, I want to transmit a little positivity and deep thought via 'throwaway' lyrics.

I believe in the critical ability (or naivety) that the pop song holds within its lyrics and context. A song can frame or interweave with critical thinking and philosophy in an immediate, audience-friendly way. Some might say this is reductive; but it can be a gateway into bigger ideas. The pop song is symptomatic of a cultural, political and geographical context. When the lyrics are exploded and examined - can the apparent simplicity of the words be reconsidered in a new context?

The zines are available to purchase, and are currently available in mint, yellow and lilac. Email for further details.