"When my landscape changes, rearranges - I'll be stronger than I've ever been"

This project was the result of two events - the 'oncoming' regeneration of Elephant & Castle (my adoptive home in London) and the difficult breakup of a relationship. Initially a cathartic project to deal with this breakup, the project morphed into a performance piece for an event in Elephant & Castle itself. As I started to consider the performance, it became apparent that many of the thoughts and emotions I felt about the breakup were also relevant to my feelings about the changes in Elephant and Castle; since the area itself was bound up in emotional attachment with the relationship. The renewal, as well as my recent absence from the area seemed to be a physical metaphor for the discord in my personal life.

The piece aimed to deal with this emotional spectrum (something very alien to my regular work), as well as the interwoven threads of language, memory and landscape. I wanted to explore the dualities and ambiguity of the words that could be used to describe both the breakup and regeneration. These statements could easily be indicative of both, with varying levels of humour, honesty and sadness. The statements are placed onto individual posters, with nearly 50 in the series. These prints are then placed into a grid structure; then are repositioned and interacted with in order to disrupt their original ordering.

The printed pieces, and their performative actions of being moveable, interchangeable and inter-relatable highlight the ambiguity and transitionary status of Elephant and Castle as both an area under threat as well as a pyscho-geographically charged home for my past relationship.